Artist Statement

I take joy in my art making process, which is at once meditative and dynamic, incorporating both careful planning and surprises — and not just to the viewer, but to me. There is no hurrying my process, either. I slowly and deliberately create the pieces that constitute my current series of oil painting on canvas, entitled Orbs. I’m drawn to pod and egg forms as vessels that hold the potential for new life and interpret it in diverse ways.
I incorporate my fascination with line, the dance between symmetry and imperfection, and visual constancy and consistency in these pieces. The orbs are comprised of seemingly limitless, delicate, ultra-fine filaments reminiscent of those found in natural elements like leaves and, through the mystery of optical illusion, wood grain at times. What inspires me most are the unintentional effects created when color and line interact.
Conceptually, I’m fascinated by the idea of the many minute components that constitute a greater entity, whether it’s the thousands of unique leaves that form a tree, or the months that transition to years; all are beautifully unique and imperfect. So too, are the lines in my paintings; I don’t always paint them as straight or uniform in their thickness, yet they read as congruent and complete.
I react strongly to color and am drawn to peaceful tones. I find it difficult to create a painting without using blue, for example, but I’ve seen that introducing new, rarely used colors and pairing them with those I favor is rewarding, because they work together in unexpected ways. I’ve taken leaps in these pieces with using colors that aren’t customarily in my palette.
As a mother of three, I have fleeting opportunities to pause. Painting allows me to do not only that, but to focus with intention on creating work that is informed by nature, meditativeness, and the cycles of time and life.